Network News Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Network news music has become more important as the number of news outlets has multiplied. Cable news channels have done their best to create a specific look, feel, and sound for all of their programming. This has forced traditional news shows to step up their packaging to compete.

One of the major elements used to define a show is network news music. The opening theme, like the opening theme to any show, is used to immediately engage the audience. Network news music used in this capacity is as much an advertisement as it is a tone setter. The viewer relates the theme to the program and the host. They will recall the theme later, and the show will come to mind.

Network News Music for Specific Segments

Many have accused those in television of exploiting their audience through the use of network news music. Critics usually refer to the pieces created for war coverage. They feel that the themes used give an audience the feeling that they are watching a movie. They also feel that network news music used in these segments actually influences people's view on the war itself. In short, they believe that network news music keeps network news from being objective.

With each year, as more news programs surface, advertising is becoming more important. For a show to survive it must distinguish itself from all the others. While the screen personality of the host seems to be the most important way of doing this, network news music can quickly get a viewer involved, and it can lend a unique quality to a program.

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