Opening Themes

Written by Michael Federico
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Opening themes for television shows are loved by so many that they have actually been compiled on a number of CDs. Many of these songs have become major parts of pop culture. People who have never even seen the show that features an opening theme are still likely to know how the theme goes.

Along with kicking off a program, opening themes help the audience identify with a show. This is crucial for ads and promo spots. Simply hearing the song during a ten second promotion will cause viewers to make a mental note regarding the show. Often, it is all they need to commit to tuning in.

Composing Opening Themes

There are as many styles of opening themes as there are television genres. However, music that can truly encapsulate everything a show is about in an extremely short time is the most effective. These tunes can actually get an audience excited about what they are going to see. This is one more way that opening themes can hook a viewer. When the show starts, they are already engaged.

Local programming often suffers from poor production quality. This includes both the audio and visual opening. Usually, music is not custom made for the show, and it does very little to connect to the audience. This is due, in large part, to the fact that most local channels rely on standard synthesized recordings instead of original compositions. There are companies that can satisfy all of a local station's music design needs. These companies can produce news themes, promo music, entertainment music, sports music, and whatever else a channel might throw at them. Even if the songs have been prerecorded, they use full instrumentation as opposed to a single computer or keyboard.

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