Original Music Compositions

Written by Michael Federico
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Original music compositions do not always get the attention they deserve. While pop hits flood the airwaves and classical music holds onto its one station in every major city, original music compositions, created by gifted artists, go unheard by most. They are often relegated to late night shows on stations that can only be heard within a five-mile radius.

Due to the fact that composing for the sake of composing does not normally lead to big bucks, many talented musicians and songwriters have chosen to bridge the gap between art and commerce. They have discovered that there is a need for original music compositions out there. Many have found a home in the film and television industries, while others have found their ways into corporate America.

Using Original Music Compositions as Marketing Tools

TV programming is an extremely cutthroat business. If a show does not get seen right off the bat, it will not likely last for an entire season. In order to make people aware of what is coming up and coming on in the future, stations have resorted to near-constant promos for their programs. Original music compositions often accompany these promotions. They are used to quickly evoke a feeling in the audience about the show.

Corporations are using original music compositions in a similar way to the networks by tying them to products and services. Instead of using a song that already has meaning to those who hear it, these companies use a piece of music that people will specifically identify with the advertised product. The composition will then create an image of the product in the mind of the consumer every time it is heard.

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