Post Score

Written by Michael Federico
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Post score production is the time when filmmakers have a chance to incorporate the movie's music with other elements of the sound design. Levels are set, and parts of the score can be blended with special sound effects. Some directors will overlay other audio onto the music in order to create sound that can greatly alter the atmosphere of a scene. At times, the sound work done in post score will be responsible for the entire shape of the film.

Post score is also the time to see if certain pieces of the music are simply not working. If changes need to be made, they must be made quickly. Also, a director can decide if the score needs to be cut from some parts of the film, or if a scene needs music added to it.

Outsourcing Post Score Duties

With deadlines looming, producers and directors will often bring in independent companies to handle post score operations. A team of sound designers can add production value to the score and they can enhance sound effects and dialogue recording. Experienced production companies can work quickly to unify the disparate design elements of the film.

These specialty companies can also put together portions of the score to create music for a movie trailer. They can also incorporate any voiceover that might be used for marketing spots. A company that handles post score procedures can usually deal with the sound needs that occur throughout the filming process. They can get involved in pre-production and stay on board until the movie is completed.

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