Promotional Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Promotional music can be used in commercials for any type of product or service that a company might offer. It can function as an intro for a spot or as an underscore. It can also be a major part of news broadcasts or a network's ad campaign.

On air, on radio, and on web promos are becoming increasingly popular. They are a quick way for channels, stations, and sites to inform the audience of any special events that are coming up in the near future. Promotional music can enhance the effectiveness of these ads by grabbing the viewer or listener's attention.

Using Pre-Existing Promotional Music

Promotions of all kinds are often developed in a short period of time. Procuring a composition written specifically for the ad is not always an option. However, producers, programmers, and directors do not want a piece of music that was simply cranked out that will have no impact on the audience.

In order to meet deadlines while still creating a quality segment, many in the industry will use pre-existing promotional music. This does not mean, necessarily, that it has been used for other promos. It simply comes from the library of a professional music production company. Most of these companies have catalogs of original works that can be used in a variety of promotions. Some compositions are designed specifically for television, others, for radio or the Internet. It is even possible to record original dialogue or lyrics over pre-recorded promotional music, creating an entirely unique song.

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