Sonic Branding

Written by Michael Federico
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Sonic branding is becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools available. It is, put simply, connecting a sound to a product. This can be an instrumental piece, a sung jingle, or something that is wholly non musical. The method is a fast way to reach people.

The popularity of sonic branding has skyrocketed with the rise of the Internet. Most people know the sound or phrase that accompanies the opening of their email. This technology has been applied to cell phones, as well. Ads that are text messaged will often have a bit of sonic branding to go along with them, and people can even apply the method to their friends, giving each a specific ring.

The Benefits of Sonic Branding

Advertisers have long understood the power that sound has over the consumer. Sonic branding does not rely on an image to reach a prospective client. Also, sound has the ability to trigger memories and images in a person even when he is not making a conscious effort. The mental recall that sonic branding generates in a prospective buyer causes an ad to have a lasting effect. It can continue to work on someone long after he has heard it.

Sonic branding can have an instant effect. This is extremely important in the fast paced world of advertising. Patience is not a virtue generally exhibited by consumers. They want information fast, and if they are not hooked, they simply move on to the next product. Using sonic branding and other similar tools allows a business to reach a large number of people in a very short time.

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