Sonic Theme Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Sonic theme music is the audio equivalent of a company logo. It is an aural stamp that a company puts on a product. It creates item recognition, and it can continue to work on a consumer long after it has been heard.

Products that utilize sonic theme music range all the way from appliances to television shows. Anything that requires buyers or an audience to survive can employ sonic theme music to increase visibility, recognition, and ultimately, profit. In fact, many marketing experts believe that connecting a sound to an item is more effective than connecting an image to an item. Sound holds greater sway over the mind's ability to recall certain things, and a customer's ability to recall is crucial in advertising.

Creating Customized Sonic Theme Music

When a company seeks out an ad agency, they expect that agency to take care of an entire campaign. This includes radio, television, web, and print ads. While an agency will usually have a marketing scheme for their clients, they do not generally have the ability to bring all of their ideas to life.

When advertisers want high quality, customized sonic theme music, they turn to production companies that specialize in sound design. The production company can develop one or several themes for a specific product. They can link their work to the other elements of the commercial, helping create a synergy between the visual and audio aspects of the ad. An original composition can cause an ongoing connection between the consumer and the product. This means it can be used effectively in any commercial that features the item.

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