Sound Design

Written by Michael Federico
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Sound design has a major part in most entertainment mediums. Techniques that were originally used in theatre and radio made their way into film and television. In the "old days," most sound design was executed by Foley artists. They used whatever materials they had at their disposal to create realistic sounds. These effects were coupled with music to create an overall mood for a piece.

Technology has had an incredible influence on sound design. The ability to record and replay actual sounds has contributed to the naturalism of movies, plays, and TV shows. However, there is still an incredible amount of creativity involved in sound design. Films often include things that simply do not exist in the world. It is up to the sound design department to determine how an orc howls or what noise an alien craft makes.

Sound Design in Television

Plotlines do not have to include the fantastic for sound design to be important. A program as standard as a sitcom can benefit from a skilled designer. Using sound to enhance and create mood is crucial in television. It brings the viewer into the world of the show, and helps keep him there for the duration.

Strong sound design can also be used to boost news shows and commercials. Music, along with other sonic elements can be a great attention grabber. Sound design has become an extremely important promotional tool, as more advertisers and network programmers are realizing the impact it can have on the public.

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