Syndicated Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Syndicated music is an inexpensive way to give radio and TV commercials a professional feel. If companies cannot afford to have an original piece of music composed for an ad, they can employ the use of syndicated music. These melodies and soundscapes are used by other companies and ad agencies, but original vocal tracks can be added to make them unique.

Many small businesses with very limited advertising budgets have found syndicated music to be a key in their marketing strategies. There are countless styles of themes to choose from, and all major genres are represented. A small Western store can have someone lay down lyrics over syndicated music featuring a fiddle and a pedal steel guitar, and they will have a legitimate country song to help sell their products. Retailers that cater to the youth of America can choose from any number of pre-recorded songs that resemble the most popular hits of the day.

Buying Syndicated Music from Production Companies

Most music production companies that work in the world of advertising split their time between creating custom made compositions and recording music for syndication. Even a production company that has only been in existence for a short time will usually have a vast collection of tracks to choose from. They are also constantly updating their catalogs to keep up with the rapid shifts that inevitably occur in pop music.

It is extremely difficult for many small businesses to get quality commercials made. However, the use of syndicated music can greatly increase an ad's chance of playing well to the public. The right sound design can hook the viewer or listener, ensuring that the point of the advertisement is not missed.

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