Syndicated News Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Syndicated news music is a quick, easy way for TV producers to give their shows effective sound design concepts. Most news broadcasts deal with similar types of stories. There are human-interest segments that look to emotionally connect with the audience, there are sports and entertainment pieces, and there are the top stories that make up the bulk of the show. Specific syndicated news music packages can be used to support specific parts of the program.

Each nightly telecast might feature a different track from a variety of syndicated news music packages. If, however, there is a story that requires special coverage, a single package can create a sense of unity throughout the segment. The same syndicated news music may turn up on a local station in Florida and a local station in Utah. It can be equally effective in both markets.

Finding Syndicated News Music

Many people do not realize that there are production companies with vast music libraries. Pieces in these collections were composed by the company's staff to fill very specific design needs. From a sonic perspective, they are complex and original, created, played, and recorded by experienced professionals.

Production companies can also be extremely helpful to producers who want something a bit different from the norm. They can use syndicated news music as the groundwork for a completely unique composition. This method is especially valuable in the development of original opening themes. The final result will be something that has a familiar feel, but fits with the show's host and format.

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