Artificial Snow

Written by Jill Morrison
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Artificial snow can be produced with a variety of methods. Over 100 different materials can be used that will create the look of snow, ice, or frost. These materials are commonly used on movie sets to create winter scenes and to add snow to ski slopes. They can also be purchased personally for decorating your home in the winter-time or for parties.

Types of Artificial Snow

Artificial snow can be created to feel like snow, or simply to just look like snow. On the ski slopes, actual snow is made to enhance the texture of the slopes for skiing. In most other cases, the snow will not actually be cold. Other products will be used that look just like snow, but do not melt or freeze other objects. These products are much easier to work with and to clean up when you are finished with them.

There are many different materials that can be used to make artificial snow. Foam is great for decorating a background scene, or for adding snow to buildings because it is quick to apply and is low in cost. C90 is also quick to apply and fairly inexpensive. It's great for adding small details to objects. Paper snow is more stable than the other options and is weather-proof, but it is also more expensive.

Many companies will sell paper snow because it is realistic and easy to work with. You can also choose to use plastic snow, starch snow, or salts to create a winter scene. If you are simply using snow materials to decorate your home or party, you can choose from more inexpensive options such as snow confetti. The type of material you choose for creating snow will depend on the importance of the project and your budget.

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