Biodegradable Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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Biodegradable confetti is available to make any party safe and easy to clean up. You can blast this confetti into the air and let nature do the cleaning after the event is over. This confetti is water-soluble and will dissolve on its own. So, you can blast any amount of confetti and not have to worry about picking up every piece later.

Options for Biodegradable Confetti

There are a few different forms of biodegradable confetti available. You can purchase this type of confetti from certain vendors, or make your own. Some people like to use flower buds or petals as a biodegradable, all-natural form of confetti. You can also find flowers mixed with confetti at some occasions. Some vendors even sell packages of confetti with flower buds or shaped like flowers.

Confetti that is biodegradable is available in nearly every color. You can buy packages of confetti in small amounts or in bulk. These packages can be found in party stores, or ordered easily online. The color of confetti you choose may match the decor of the location or the theme of the event you are hosting.

You can also find biodegradable confetti in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from simple shapes such as circles, stars, hearts, or flowers. You can also customize the shape to the event. For instance, if you are hosting a party with a baseball theme, you can use confetti in the shape of baseball bats.

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