Butterfly Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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Parties with a theme often require special shapes of confetti to enhance the effect. One very popular option is butterfly confetti. It is chosen often for outdoor events, spring celebrations, and parties. Small children and adults alike are fascinated by butterflies and often choose to use them for party decorations and supplies.

Uses for Butterfly Confetti

The butterfly shape is perfect to create interesting visual effects as confetti floats in the air. Shimmering metallic confetti in a variety of colors hints at the look of real butterflies gliding through the air. Sizes may be customized and mixed so that small and large butterflies mingle with each other. Butterfly shapes are often chosen for outdoor events as well as baby showers, spring celebrations and birthday parties.

Butterfly confetti may be purchased in small or large quantities. It is often sprinkled on tables as a decoration. It can also be tossed into the air by hand for a brief shower of excitement. For both of these uses, confetti packaged in small individual bags would be appropriate. For large events that use launchers, confetti may be purchased in bulk by the pound or in sleeves for loading into launchers.

Types of butterfly confetti available are metallic and tissue. 3-D confetti is also available which lingers in the air for a longer period of time and appears to be floating. Metallic confetti is usually made of PVC film. Be sure to look for confetti that is flame retardant and non-toxic. For outdoor events, biodegradable confetti is the best choice since it eliminates the need for extensive cleanup.

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