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Written by Jill Morrison
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Parties, shows and celebrations often require something special and exciting to provide a festive mood. Confetti and streamer products are always crowd pleasers. Adults and children alike become awe-struck at the sight of a well-planned visual display. Choices are plentiful and should be considered by those planning a party or event.

Choices for Confetti And Streamer Products

Depending upon the size of the event, confetti may be launched into the air using powerful launchers, smaller, hand-held launchers, or simply tossing it by hand. Streamers are launched using the same equipment. Using confetti and streamer products together creates a very dramatic effect. The confetti floats in the air while the streamers burst through the confetti and make a very bold statement.

Confetti comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It is usually made of a metallic material, often PVC film, or tissue paper, with tissue being less expensive. 3-D confetti is available which is intended to float in the air for longer periods of time. Biodegradable confetti is made of 100% natural material that disappears with rain or water. It is perfect for outdoor events. Look for confetti that is flame retardant and non- toxic.

Streamers add a second look that makes a dramatic statement. They may be imprinted with logos or special messages. Streamers are more easily cleaned up than confetti and have an advantage when a quick clean up is necessary. Confetti and streamer products add sparkle and drama to all festive occasions. They are easy to obtain and easy to use.

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