Confetti Cannon

Written by Jill Morrison
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A confetti cannon can be used to blast confetti at a variety of events. The type of cannon you choose to purchase will depend on the scale of the event and your budget. It will also depend on the type of confetti you want to use. A variety of confetti shapes and sizes can be blown into the air with a confetti cannon.

Confetti Cannon Models

There are a few different models of confetti cannons available to purchase. Larger cannons may be used for large events such as the Super Bowl or concerts. You can also purchase smaller cannons or hand-held canon blasters for parties on a smaller scale. Small cannons are great for birthday, graduation, and anniversary parties, as well as for weddings.

The Big Blaster is the largest type of cannon you can purchase. It can blast confetti up to 75 feet into the air. It can also blast 40 pounds of confetti in 40 seconds continuously. The Mini Blaster is similar, but half the size of the Big Blaster. This cannon is great for medium-sized parties and gatherings. It can blast confetti up to 40 feet in the air.

Big Shots is a cannon that can propel streamers and confetti 40 feet in the air. It is fired electronically and creates a wall of confetti effect. For smaller gatherings, hand-held cannons can be purchased. You can even find hand-held blasters in the shape of champagne bottles which is perfect for celebrating the new year and other festive occasions.

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