Confetti Machine

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Confetti machine allows you to blast confetti into the air at celebratory events. They can be used at concerts, sporting events, award shows, and political events, as well as for smaller gatherings such as birthday or anniversary parties. Machines are available in different sizes depending on how much you are willing to spend and the size of your event.

Confetti Machine Models

There are a few different models of confetti machines available to purchase. You can choose a large machine to blast large amounts of confetti, a smaller machine, or a hand-held confetti blaster. You can also choose from a variety of confetti materials, shapes, colors, and sizes to launch from your machine.

The largest models of confetti machines are the Big Blaster, Mini Blaster, and Big Shots. The Big Blaster can blast a pound of confetti per second for forty seconds at a time. It can also blast confetti up to 75 feet in the air. The Mini Blaster is also powerful, but it is half the size of the Big Blaster. Big Shots is known for its ability to blast both confetti and streamers high into the air.

Hand-held cannons are great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and other parties where celebrating is involved. You can also purchase a Champagne Blast which is a cannon shaped in the size of a champagne bottle. When you pull the string on the bottom of this bottle, confetti will shoot up to 35 feet in the air and streamers can blast about 60 feet in the air.

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