Crowd Pleasers

Written by Jill Morrison
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A special event requires careful planning to assure that a festive, memorable time is experienced by all who attend. Two dependable crowd pleasers are confetti and streamers. They create a visual display that fascinates people of all ages. Whether the event is small or large, there is an abundance of choices for the perfect confetti and streamers.

Choosing the Perfect Crowd Pleasers

Confetti displays create excitement and awe whenever they are used. The confetti comes in many shapes and sizes as well as colors. Some special products available are twisting shapes that create a dancing motion through the air and artificial snow confetti that produces a life-like shower. 3-D confetti is available which is designed to linger in the air longer than regular confetti. All types are reliable crowd pleasers.

Streamers create a pleasing show on their own or combined with confetti. They can burst through a shower of confetti to create a dazzling show. There are many color choices and material choices for streamers. They may be personalized with logos or special messages to add something unique to your gathering. They can be launched with the same equipment that is used for confetti and they are easy to clean up.

Crowd pleasers for an athletic event might be confetti in team colors with bursts of streamers imprinted with "state champions," etc. Some other events enhanced by confetti and streamers are concerts, political events, homecoming events, and grand openings. Choosing appropriate shapes and colors for each theme will guarantee a spectacular event that thrills your guests.

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