Custom Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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You can use custom confetti to personalize the visual effects and decorations at a celebration, event, or party. Confetti can be used as a decoration by sprinkling it on tables, floors, or other objects. Confetti is most commonly blasted into the air. You can throw confetti into the air with your hand or use a confetti blaster. Regardless of how you use confetti, customizing the design of your confetti will make your event more interesting and memorable.

Custom Confetti Options

Custom confetti can be designed for any occasion. You can choose the materials and the colors you want for your confetti. You can also have confetti cut into certain shapes, or have pieces printed with colors or information. The most common type of customized confetti is logo confetti.

Logo confetti is a type of custom confetti that is frequently used for business parties or events. You can have logos printed on paper or other materials and then have these logos cut out into confetti pieces. You may also cut confetti into the shape of certain logos. For instance, a Disney representative may have confetti cut into the shapes of Mickey Mouse ears.

When customizing confetti, you should keep your shapes simple and recognizable. There is no point in customizing confetti if the logo cannot be spotted easily when the confetti is used. You can order and customize your own confetti with certain online services or party stores. You can also choose to order a small package of customized confetti, or a bulk package.

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