Decorating With Balloons

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Decorating with balloons can be simple, beautiful, and very effective. Balloons are such an inexpensive way to add fun and flair to all kinds of occasions. That's why so many people decorate with balloons for grand openings and the like. They are an eye-catching, colorful way of saying, "Something important is happening right here!"

Decorating with Balloons as Wedding Decor

Decorating with balloons isn't just for kids parties. When used the right way, balloons can actually be incredibly romantic. Fill your sweetheart's bedroom, office space, or even his car with helium balloons on Valentine's Day! Balloons are so romantic, they even make wonderful wedding decor.

Arches are popular at many outdoor weddings. One of the most popular ways of decorating with balloons is by stringing them to arches. This can be lovely at a daytime or nighttime wedding. During the day, you can keep balloons simple and pretty. Think ivories, pale pinks, and pale golds.

At night, you may want to use "electric balloons." Electric balloons are helium balloons stuffed with a tiny, featherweight light. Cover a ceiling with them for a starry night sky effect. Or tie them to an archway and light them up for a twinkling, romantic effect.

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