Entertainment Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many search for entertainment products to enhance their events and celebrations. Many choices are available through party suppliers. One product sure to please at any gathering is confetti. It brings smiles and excitement to all, even guests who are hard to please. Choices are plentiful and meet the needs of any type of event.

Choosing Entertainment Products

Entertainment products include tableware, decorations, games, and visual displays such as confetti and streamers. Confetti comes in many shapes and sizes to fit all themes. Some examples are hearts, stars, metallic confetti, or tissue paper confetti. 3-D confetti is available which is designed to increase hang time of the product in the air. Also available is artificial snow confetti which produces a realistic snow shower.

Confetti may be tossed in the air by hand for a brief shower or launched 75 feet in the air with powerful launchers. It can be purchased in individual plastic bags, in bulk by the pound, or in sleeves that fit into launchers. Hand-held launchers are also available which give less height to the confetti but can be operated easily with the push of a button or the pull of a string.

Confetti can be customized by varying shapes, sizes and colors. A mix of metallic and tissue confetti makes a pleasing display. Imprinting is also possible to personalize the display. Streamers are often imprinted and combined with confetti for a different effect. When choosing entertainment products, confetti should not be overlooked.

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