Large Party Decoration

Written by Jill Morrison
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The prospect of making choices for large party decoration is intimidating to many. A very simple choice that provides a dramatic impact is confetti. Either alone or combined with streamers, it is a dependable crowd pleaser that turns any party into a memorable event.

Ideas for Large Party Decoration

Large events are ideal for creating a stunning visual display with confetti and streamers. Powerful launchers are available which blast confetti 75 feet into the air for a shimmering shower of color. Tissue paper confetti floats longer in the air while metallic confetti has more vibrant colors. A combination of the two is a common choice. Shapes can be customized to match the theme of the party, such as footballs for a homecoming celebration.

Streamers are available in several materials such as crepe paper, metallic paper, and foam strings. Patterns are often used such as hearts, stars, or dots. Streamers may be imprinted with special messages to create meaningful large party decoration. They can be launched at a high rate of speed through a confetti display to create a dramatic contrast. Streamers are easy to clean up and are perfect on their own or as an accompaniment to confetti.

Outdoor celebrations often provide the most dramatic setting for confetti. A smart choice would be biodegradable confetti which disintegrates with water or rain. Hazards should be considered when choosing large party decoration. Look for confetti that is non-toxic and flame retardant.

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