Lifecasting Supplies

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Lifecasting supplies come in a surprisingly wide variety. If you are serious about lifecasting, or if you're an art teacher who can expect to do a lot of it in her life, you'll want to experiment a bit. Which type of lifecasting supplies are best for you?

If you work with kids, you might want to use clay. This is a safe and relatively neat way of making a lifecast. Others might prefer alginate. If you don't get the look you want from the alginate, try reinforcing it with plaster gauze bandages. Still don't like the look? Then apoxie sculpt may be the answer. It smooths out choppy, unfinished looking molds.

Lifecasting Supplies Online

The best place to get your lifecasting supplies is online. You may want to look at an online art store. Or you may find a better bargain looking at a party supplies store. Try comparison shopping. With the Internet, comparison shopping is easy, fun and lucrative.

Once you have your lifecast, try experimenting with it. You can make several different lifecasts within one short period, and decorate them all differently. You may choose to keep on plain, while painting another. Try painting the mask with neon colors that glow under black light. Let your imagination run wild!

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