Musical Notes Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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Musical notes confetti is a great product for any event involving music. This confetti can be used at concerts, stage shows, musical events, or certain types of parties. They are great for some general parties as well, if the recipient of the party enjoys music. This confetti can also be used at any party that has a band or music playing.

Using Musical Notes Confetti

Musical notes confetti can be used in a variety of ways at parties. You can scatter the confetti around the room or on tables as a decoration. You can also throw the confetti into the air with your hand for celebrations. Confetti blasting machines may be the best method for creating a dazzling visual effect with confetti at an event.

There are many types of confetti blasting machine that you can choose from for your event. Handheld blasters are controlled personally and are best for smaller gatherings. For large events, you can find big blasters that may shoot confetti up to 75 feet in the air. These machines may also pump a pound of confetti into the air per second, for up to forty seconds at a time.

You can find musical notes confetti in most party stores. They may sell this type of confetti in small or bulk packages. They may also be available in different colors, or made from different materials such as paper or plastic. The easiest way to find the right type and amount of confetti you are looking for is by ordering your confetti packages online.

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