Paper Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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Paper confetti is great for most occasions. It is safe to use because it is soft to the touch, unlike plastic or metallic confetti. You should use confetti made from paper for any event where children are present, or large amounts of confetti will be disbursed into the air. You can find a wide variety of confetti options that will work for your party or event.

Paper Confetti Choices

Paper confetti is made from tissue paper. It is available in various colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light pink, hot pink, purple, turquoise, white, and black. Streamers are also made with tissue paper and can be used in conjunction with confetti. In fact, some confetti blasting machines are designed to blast both streamers and confetti into the air.

Confetti can be packaged in one of many ways. The way it is packaged will depend on how it will be used. For instance, it can be packaged to work with handheld confetti blaster, remote machines, or for flowing continuously with the help of certain confetti blasting machines. The type of confetti package you purchase will depend on the size of the event and the type of machine you will be using, if any.

Paper confetti is available in various shapes and sizes. You can customize your confetti with logos or imprints. You can also customize confetti into certain shapes, such as company logos. Many companies will customize confetti for their parties to add a personal touch to the visual effects and decorations at the event.

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