Promotion Idea

Written by Jill Morrison
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When promoting a new product or business, it is important to make a dramatic, memorable presentation. One promotion idea for a grand opening or new product launch is a spectacular display of confetti. When used at the climax of the event, it creates awe and excitement that will help to ensure successful results.

Using Confetti as a Promotion Idea

For a large event, confetti may be launched into the air with a powerful launcher that blasts it 75 feet into the air. Streamers may be launched with the same equipment. A new product launch might use confetti in the colors of the packaging with streamers imprinted with the product name. The shimmering confetti seems to float briefly in the air as the streamers burst through at a high rate of speed.

Using confetti as a promotion idea provides reliable results that you can be confident about. The confetti may be customized to fit any theme. Some choices available are 3-D confetti that is designed to float in the air for a longer period of time, spiral, twisting shapes that create a dancing movement, and artificial snow confetti that gives a life-like snow shower.

Confetti is the perfect promotion idea for large events. Biodegradable confetti is available. It is made of 100% natural material that disintegrates with rain or water. This eliminates the need for lengthy clean-up. Look for confetti that is non-toxic and flame retardant. Virtually any request can be fulfilled to make any confetti display personal and rewarding.

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