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Written by Jill Morrison
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Special promotions for events such as clearance sales, grand openings or new product launches require careful planning to provide excitement and make a dramatic statement. One promotions product that will fill these requirements is confetti. The colorful shower brings smiles to the faces of all who are present.

Confetti as a Promotions Product

A confetti shower is instantly recognized as a celebration. It creates a lasting impression that will help guarantee success for whatever product is being promoted. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes available are musical notes, hearts, stars, cars, and leaves. However, custom shapes can be created. Colors are plentiful. Silver and gold are often used for more formal events. Multi-color is fun and festive. Product or company colors might be chosen for a promotions product.

Confetti comes in metallic paper and tissue paper. Tissue floats longer in the air and is less expensive. Metallic choices have more vibrant, shimmering color. The two types can be mixed with good results. The confetti can be launched into the air with powerful launchers that blast the display 75 feet into the air. Launchers are available in several sizes to fit the event.

Another type of confetti available as a promotions product is small plush balls with ribbons attached. The ribbons are often imprinted with an appropriate message. Streamers are another option that you can combine with confetti to create a dazzling show. Paper confetti, plush balls, and streamers will provide an unforgettable display.

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