Special Event Decorations

Written by Jill Morrison
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Special event decorations can be a large expense if you are trying to produce great visual effects. For large events, you could use all sorts of decorations in addition to visual effects such as fireworks or laser lights. A great option for an exciting visual decoration and effect that is also relatively inexpensive is confetti.

Using Confetti as Special Event Decorations

Confetti can be used for special event decorations and also as a visual effect. At many special events, large amounts of confetti are blasted from confetti blasting machines. Different sizes of machines are available, depending on the size of your event. You can choose from large blasting machines, smaller machines, or hand-held blasters.

When confetti is blasted at a special event, guests will be impressed by the dazzling visual effect. After all of the confetti has fallen on the ground and on objects, it can serve as special event decorations. The colorful confetti will add a splash of color and festivity to the room, even when it is no longer floating through the air. If you choose to use biodegradable confetti, you will not have to worry about a messy clean-up or safety.

You should choose your type of confetti based on the theme of your event. You can choose colors to match your event. For instance, if you are celebrating a graduation, you could use the school colors for your confetti. You can also choose from various shapes of confetti, such as hearts, stars, butterflies, footballs, flowers, baseball bats, musical notes, and more.

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