Special Events

Written by Jill Morrison
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Special events require a large amount of preparation and decoration. To make your event more special and memorable, you may want to consider using some visual effects. If you are putting together a large event such as a concert or stage show, you can use elaborate effects such as laser lights, fireworks, water shows, or confetti blasting. Confetti blasting can also be used at smaller events.

Using Confetti for Special Events

Confetti can be used for most types of special events, whether they are large or small in size. You can use larger amounts of confetti and a larger blasting machine for giant events. For small to medium-sized events, you can use a smaller machine or a hand-held machine, along with a smaller amount of confetti. Confetti blasting is a great option for special events because it is exciting and also fairly inexpensive for a special effect.

When choosing confetti for an event, you can find various options in confetti materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the color and shape of confetti that will work best with the theme of your event. For instance, at an anniversary party, you could use heart-shaped confetti; or at a Super Bowl party, you could use confetti shaped like footballs.

After you have chosen your confetti and the amount you will need to use at your event, you can choose a confetti blasting machine. These machines can be rented or purchased depending on whether or not you will use them again. They are available in different sizes, from large blasters to small hand-held blasters. Some will blast streamers in addition to confetti.

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