Written by Jill Morrison
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Streamers work well with confetti to produce a dazzling display at any event. They also provide many advantages when used alone. They can be blasted out of launchers with stunning results or just hung over doorways or tables as a party decoration. This festive product is available in many sizes, colors, and materials to coordinate with any party theme.

Options for Streamers

These colorful, long crowd pleasers come in materials such as crepe paper, metallic paper, and spray foam. Colors vary and patterns such as stripes, dots and stars are available. They may be customized to fit any occasion and imprinting is available. For a grand opening, they could be imprinted with the name of the new business. For an anniversary, many choose to imprint the date. Many guests will gather them up to take home as souvenirs.

When used in conjunction with confetti, streamers create a delightful visual display. They burst through the floating confetti at a high rate of speed to provide drama and excitement. They can be launched with the same launchers that are used for the confetti, which makes them easily affordable. For smaller gatherings, hand thrown product is available in small packages such as twelve throws per package.

One advantage over confetti is ease of clean-up. When quick removal is necessary, such as on a sports field, streamers may be picked up in very little time, leaving the field in great condition to continue the game. They provide significant enjoyment with very little effort and will enhance your celebration.

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