Water Balloon Launchers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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You have to see water balloon launchers in action to believe it. These things don't just throw water balloons--they send them flying! You can launch a balloon a full 200 yards. That's like launching a balloon two football fields. Just imagine it!

Water Balloon Launchers and Young Kids

That's why water balloon launchers are not appropriate for young children. These slingshots are really powerful! Older teenagers or adults can have a lot of fun using these slingshots. Unsupervised kids, however, are likely to do some damage, or even to hurt someone. Think twice before giving a water balloon launcher to a child as a gift.

You can find water balloon launchers online. The Internet is the ideal place to find balloons for all occasions. Buy a bunch of balloon yo-yos to give out as gifts at your son's birthday party. Give a rocket balloon to your eight-year old niece. Use beautiful electric balloons or agate balloons to decorate a dance, party, or even a wedding.

Balloons are versatile and festive. A good online balloon store should be versatile and festive, too! Just make sure you don't give your information to a company that will sell it or give it out to a lot of other companies. You want balloons, not Spam!

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