Wedding Decor

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Selecting your wedding decor is the most important (and stressful) decorating you will ever have to do. Decorating for a graduation, a birthday, or a wedding anniversary is nothing compared to decorating for a wedding. How do you balance out two people's tastes and one realistic budget? How can your wedding decor be unique yet beautiful, spectacular yet affordable?

Inventive Wedding Decor

The easiest way to have fun decorating your wedding is to get creative with it. Be original. Don't be afraid to try something unusual and fun! Many people only use their imaginations when it comes to creating center pieces. They may choose to have everything about the wedding as traditional as possible, but they'll get a little funky with the table center pieces.

Why not use this imagination and fun in every aspect of your wedding decor? For instance, you might want to try decorating with balloons in addition to, or instead of, flowers. Balloons can be a gorgeous part of a wedding reception, or even of the wedding ceremony.

String sophisticated agate balloons to an archway. Let hundreds of electric balloons float up to the ceiling of your reception. Or give each of the guests a balloon to release, rather than rice or petals to throw, as the bride and groom make their exit.

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