Wedding Reception Ideas

Written by Jill Morrison
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Unique wedding reception ideas can make your wedding reception a memorable event. Some of the best ideas include personalizing the decorations and creating dazzling visual effects. You can personalize decorations with names, initials, a color scheme, pictures, or information about the bride and groom. Visual effects will add a nice touch to the event and will impress the crowd.

Wedding Reception Ideas that Involve Visual Effects

Visual effects are great wedding reception ideas. They are also commonly used for grand openings, performances, concerts, fashion shows, corporate functions, and many other large events. You can use extreme effects, such as fireworks, if you can obtain permission to use fireworks, if you have the funds, and if your event takes place outdoors. Other bold effects, such as using laser lights, can be used indoors and can make a bold statement.

Perhaps, one of the most dazzling, yet inexpensive wedding reception ideas is using confetti. Confetti can be thrown into the air by guests, or can decorate the tables. You can also use confetti as a replacement for throwing rice. For a more exciting visual effect, you can purchase or rent a confetti launching machine. Some of these machines can launch a pound of confetti each second, up to 75 ft. in the air.

If you decide to use confetti and a confetti machine, you will need to decide on a type of confetti that will work for your event. PVC metallic confetti is durable and is visually stimulating. Paper confetti is safer and biodegradable versions make the clean-up easy. You can choose colors or shapes of confetti that match the decor and theme of your wedding reception as well.

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