Wholesale Confetti

Written by Jill Morrison
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Wholesale confetti can be purchased for use at large parties or events. You will want to find confetti at wholesale prices if you will be using large amounts of confetti. If you are simply using a few small packages, you can purchase them easily from party stores. For bulk, wholesale packages of confetti, you may want to search for options online.

Options in Wholesale Confetti

Wholesale confetti will allow you to use large amounts of confetti for the cheapest price possible. Confetti is already one of the cheaper types of visual effects that you can use for a party. It can be just as visually stimulating as more expensive effects such as laser lights. With a confetti blasting machine, you can create a spectacular visual effect at a party.

Wholesale confetti is available in various materials. You can choose metallic confetti which is made from PVC and is quite durable. This type of confetti will catch the light and sparkle beautifully as it drifts through the air. Paper confetti is less dangerous than the metallic version because it is a softer material. You can also find biodegradable confetti which is easy to clean up because it disintegrates in rain or water.

When purchasing confetti, you can choose from various colors, shapes, and sizes. You may want to choose colors that will match the theme or decor of your event. The shape of confetti you choose may also match the theme of your event. For instance, you can use confetti shaped into baseball bats for a baseball championship party. You can also customize confetti into original shapes, or have them printed with names, logos, or information.

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