Yo Yo Balloons

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Anyone can use yo yo balloons. Kids can feel so disappointed when they finally get their hands on a real yo yo, and find that they can't make it work. Little children especially feel cheated. Yo yo balloons are cool, because anyone can make them go!

Yo Yo Balloons for Parties

You probably give out gift bags to the young guests when you throw birthday parties for your kids. Finding fun yet inexpensive items for these gift bags can sometimes feel like a chore. Yo yo balloons are the perfect item to throw in a gift bag. They're safe, unusual, fun, and affordable.

In fact, kids love balloons so much, why not make balloons the theme of your child's next party? You can stack a bucket full of water balloons, take the kids outside, and let them go nuts. You can have pin the tail on the balloon. You can hire a balloon twister to make animal balloons, or learn how to make them yourself by watching educational balloon videos. If the kids are a little older and more dexterous, you can teach them how to twist balloons themselves.

Bake a hot air balloon-shaped cake, and you're done. It's an inexpensive, sweet and simple party idea. Finish up the party by giving each of the guests a helium filled balloon to release. You can tie your address to each balloon with each individual guest's name on it, asking whoever finds the card to send a post card or letter. That way, the fun will last well beyond the party.

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