Console Pianos

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you've spent any time in piano shops looking at console pianos, you know the unique construction of these instruments can be a boon to your sense of space and design. More so even than grand pianos, console pianos offer an acoustic space equally at home with performing as with long hours of practice. Get a piece everyone loves the sound of and your family might have a future concert pianist on its hands.

But how can you know which instruments are truly built to stand the test of time, and which are only a work of cosmetic wizardly? Pianos are incredibly elaborate and complex machines, with hundreds of parts that have to work perfectly and quite literally in concert for anything to sing the way it should. Most of us could not distinguish even among the most basic pieces of the construction, let alone those unnameable smaller parts that are every bit as integral to the sound.

Console Pianos Made Easy

There is a simple way to shop for these extraordinary instruments, and you don't need an advanced degree in musicology to do so. So-called piano services have begin to supplant the traditional advice of friends when it comes to finding, appraising and negotiating the price of that instrument, and for many customers there is simply no comparison. That's because these teams of artists and technicians provide everything you need to streamline the process and take just a percentage of the money you save off that original offer as compensation.

Do yourself a favor and get the right the first time. Console pianos are among the most hardy and long-lasting of piano designs, and the last thing you want is for cheap materials or lousy information to burden you with a lemon instead of a success. When it comes to an investment of this size, protect yourself and benefit from the experience of the experts.

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