Knabe Pianos

Written by Josh Dodes
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There was a time when Knabe pianos were considered something of a boutique company in the big time world of piano manufacturing. That was before a number of widely celebrated concert pianists discovered the particularly effervescent sound of these diminutive instruments. Since then, the ride has been nothing but an ever widening series of accolades for this rapidly growing company.

But enjoy the sound is quite a bit different from understanding the many nuances of craft and technical wizardly that go into its manufacture. Knabe pianos are every bit as complex as Steinway pianos or Baldwin pianos, and with a tradition of artisans stretching back nearly as far you can hardly hope to know everything you need to make an informed purchase. In lieu of a close friend who services pianos for a living, where can you find the kind of expert buying advice this market so desperately needs?

Get Help with Knabe Pianos

Thankfully there are some very successful young companies who devote their time to helping regular customer earn the kind of deals the concert halls get. That means you can save thousands on this investment for a price equal to just a fraction of the money you are saving. If you want to get to Carnegie Hall, you can hardly do better than to practice good sense on a lifetime purchase such as this one.

Get the facts about how much experienced help may be available to you in this process. Few people understand as much about the condition of Knabe pianos and their kind than the pros, and the last thing you want is to spend thousands on a lemon that creates more heartache than music. Trust the pros and you will never have to look over your shoulder for a better deal to come along.

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