Piano Dealers

Written by Josh Dodes
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There was a time when piano dealers were generally a reputable bunch with a vested interest in the quality of the products they sold. That was before mass production and a glut of inexpensive alternatives changed this market forever, and true enthusiasts were forced to look high and low for instruments of lasting integrity. Today there are as many piano dealers treating the business like other kinds of retail as there are people who are still expert in what they do.

That means it is far easier than ever before to invest in a piano that represents some of the worst cost-cutting measures around. Everything from the cabinet through the tension of the strings must work in concert to produce a gorgeous sound well into the future, and unless you are well school in the nuances of manufacturing, chances are you won't catch the mistake you need to before buying. That's where retaining good help truly proves its value.

Don't Trust the Piano Dealers

It is a sad fact that every year hundreds of pianos fall into disuse because families cannot be bothered to negotiate a lengthy repair process. Why allow such inconvenience into your life when there are teams of dedicated professionals who make upright and grand pianos their stock in trade? The best such companies consistently earn high marks from passionate consumers who want a little edge on their negotiating process.

Don't be fooled by predatory piano dealers who apply band-aids to substantial problems with the construction of their product. Get on board with a team that understands this business inside and out, and you can protect yourself from making a costly mistake. When it comes to piano sales, there are few substitutes for having accurate information at your fingertips throughout the process.

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