Piano Inventory

Written by Josh Dodes
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These days it can be difficult to take in and understand a full piano inventory at first glance. With so varieties of instrument, from spinet pianos up through those stately grand pianos, it seems that there is a piece for every home and every level of play. How can you possibly make sense out of a piano inventory that seems to encompass the entire history of the instrument?

Certainly salespeople can be some help. Many such professionals are musicians in their own right and possess a good understanding of the many nuanced differences between makes and brands. Than again, many do not, and knowing how to distinguish between god advice and the kind that will leave you with a lemon you can expect to break within a year takes a keen eye for detail.

Know Your Piano Inventory

The best way to protect yourself and your family from leaping into a sizable investment that may turn out to be more hassle than bargain, is to retain the help of the experts. Piano services such as those that help you find, appraise and negotiate each instrument are growing in popularity, not least because many of them consistently earn glowing word of mouth. The best of these charge just a fraction of the money you save, with no commencement fee or hidden costs.

It is easy to pore over the piano inventory of a reputable store and believe you are making rational decisions. Unfortunately mist manufacturers do not advertise the drawbacks of their construction process, and it has become easy to make a lousy decision without ever knowing it. Get the facts and speak to a team who understands your needs and budget before making this important investment in the sound of music.

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