Piano Restoration

Written by Josh Dodes
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Not all piano restoration is created equal, and one of the surest ways to ruin a good investment is to make poor choices with the upkeep. Sometimes the most valuable instruments are the ones that have fallen into the most profound states of cosmetic disrepair, and if you are to have any hope of freeing this treasure from exigencies of age you had better hope you retain the help of skilled artisans. Anything less is likely to far outstrip the ravages of time in terms of value lost.

Good piano restoration is more art than science, and understanding the nuances of stain and wood takes years to master. These days you can have eager amateurs at your house in an hour, hoping to get a crack at that cabinet and your checkbook in one fell swoop. But if you want the kind of sober, passionate work true conversation pieces demand, you will need a way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Piano Restoration the Educated Way

The rise of the Internet has leveled the playing field such that any outfit can make claims to legitimacy with little more than a page of copy and some convincing graphic design. What you want is a team of experienced, vetted professionals who make restoration their single area of focus, and the best way to ensure you've got the right kind of pros on your side is by enlisting the help of some overseers. Usually these are the guys who will help you appraise, evaluate and oversee the process so those service people know expert eyes are watching.

Protect yourself and your instrument with the help of smart piano services. One of the quickest ways grand pianos can plummet in value is when a single instance of shoddy work destroys their subtlety. Do yourself a favor and get the kind of loving piano restoration your favorite possession deserves.

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