Piano Sales

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you are interested in learning more about piano sales but don't feel it should be necessary to earn an advanced degree in musicology in order to make a smart purchase, you're not alone. The fact is, piano sales have long been short of technical information and long on the art of the hard sell, and making sure you are getting what you pay for can be a chore in and of itself. Why throw money at empty promises and poor restoration work when you can invest in a lasting addition to your home that will sing beautifully for generations hence?

But of course knowing the difference between piano sales that make sense and the kind that only appear to be good deals can be quite a bit more difficult than it sounds. How can you distinguish between a sounding board that has been hastily repaired versus one that will truly stand the test of time? Who decides the value of this versatile, lyrical piece of furniture cum instrument that so many of us count among our most beloved possessions?

Piano Sales the Smart Way

It may not surprise you to learn there is no Kelly Blue Book when it comes to pricing fine pianos. Buying a piano is often as much art as science, and if you know anything about the power of this instrument you know there can be no substitute for the visceral reaction some of its finest specimens can elicit on sight. The best way to protect yourself and your family from unscrupulous piano sales people is to retain the services of an expert appraiser.

The rise of the Internet has brought artists, musicians, manufacturers and technicians in closer contact than ever before, and the result has been the establishment of some truly reputable piano services. The idea is to aid your search for the perfect instrument by helping you inspect, price and negotiate that deal without having to worry you are being taken for a rube. In return, most such companies take just a small fraction of the money you save, leaving you with a better deal and an instrument worth your faith.

A Lasting Investment

There was a time when most piano sales were conducted between concert halls and manufacturers. Little business could be found in the private sector, as painstaking manufacturing processes usually produced prohibitively high prices that ruled out all but the most discriminating buyers. The transaction was accorded between two parties with substantial background in pianos, so little was left to the exigencies of luck or ignorance.

Today thousands of people purchase pianos every year, and it is little wonder. Like few other instruments, the piano can be strings, wind and brass all at once, as comfortable with the canonical classics as that latest pop opus. Make an investment you fall in love with and you might just have your hands on the springboard to a brilliant career in concert playing.

The Right Way to Do Piano Sales

Don't spend money on a product you don't understand as well as you should. Buying something of such extraordinary value, both financial and emotional, deserves the most careful process of research and consideration you can give it. And the best way to protect yourself predatory piano sales teams with little on their mind but to close the deal, is with the help of experienced professionals.

There are some outstanding bargains online and in homes across the country, and there are sadly just as many pretty faces that don't have the heart you're looking for. Get under the hood and kick the tires with the help of a vetted team that can see you toward a wise investment. Your next beloved heirloom deserves nothing less than the best evaluation money can buy.

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