Piano Shops

Written by Josh Dodes
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These days, most piano shops are interested in just one thing: a quick and easy sale. To this end, their employees may tell you almost anything at all to move that merchandise out the door, up to and including what amounts to misinformation about the construction and longevity of that pricey instrument. The only thing you won't hear at most piano shops is how easy it is to make a grave error in this market.

Pianos are elaborate, complex instruments with hundreds of parts and sensitive acoustic properties. The subtlest imperfection in the cabinet or sounding board can magnify into truly unbearable effects within a few short years. Worse, even pianos that are flawlessly constructed, but from materials that themselves are not terribly hardy, may lose that pristine sound even sooner.

Don't Let the Piano Shops Fool You

The simple fact is, most of us don't know a thing about the many nuances of piano construction and manufacture, and the surest way to get ripped off it go in there with an eye toward the prettiest wood finish in the room. Expert piano services have started to gain a reputation as an inexpensive alternative to flying blind, as these teams carry both the experience and the clout to streamline your buying process and save valuable money. The best such programs only take a percentage of the money they talk down off the original price, so most customers report the situation as a true win-win.

If you're interested in piano sales and want to make a lasting investment you and your family can cherish for generations, don't go it alone. Good help is available and the difference can be dazzling. Not all piano shops conduct their business with questionable integrity, but for the ones that do, you could do worse than arming yourself with the best education possible.

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