Barrington Levy

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you're on the hunt for a radio station that plays Barrington Levy, the odds are good that you are looking in the wrong place. Unless you live in Jamaica or one of a few metropolitan areas, you're unlikely to find Levy even on the fringes of the dial. However, that does not mean you cannot find him anywhere.

On the contrary, today is a great day for fans of reggae music that commercial radio has long forgotten. That's because, thanks to a dramatic improvement in streaming technology, the best reggae DJs in the world are now playing the music you love online. Commercial-free, these Internet radio stations are rapidly becoming a haven for reggae lovers all over the world.

Barrington Levy and More

As commercial radio has become ever more beholden to corporate interests, even stations that play reggae are largely forsaking the vast majority of the artists you love. Online, however, you can find Barrington Levy and hundreds of other brilliant artists you love. Why sit through commercials for a tiny slice of the great reggae out there, when you can now have it all without waiting even a second?

With a choice this simple, it is no wonder that millions of fans are putting their radios away and turning on their computers instead. Even if you are thousands of miles away from Jamaica, you can now have the next-best thing at the click of a mouse. Take the time to find the best music in the world in the world's freest music environment, and you will never be sorry.

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