Black Uhuru

Written by Josh Dodes
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Looking for Black Uhuru on your radio dial? Unless you live in Jamaica or a small handful of metropolitan areas, you are likely to find yourself out of luck. After all, in the last few years, even stations that once played a variety of reggae artists have fallen under the control of corporate entities and formatted within an inch of their life.

What's a serious reggae fan to do? Fortunately, there is an exciting new answer to that question. Just as commercial radio seems to have begun its final death throes, Internet stations have exploded with a diversity of music not seen even in the heyday of traditional radio. Around the clock, around the world, great reggae now has a new home.

Black Uhuru and Freedom

Black Uhuru's name comes from the Swahili word for "freedom," and that is precisely what these new stations are all about. Freedom from commercials. Freedom from corporate restraints. Freedom of artistic interest. It is no wonder that so many of the top reggae DJs have flocked to the Internet, where they can finally play all the music reggae fans--such as themselves--love.

Why let corporate radio tell you what to listen to? Now that you can find all of the music you love, any time you want, there is no reason to settle for less.

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