Bob Marley

Written by Josh Dodes
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Typically, when people think about reggae and the radio, they think about Bob Marley. The greatest legend in reggae history, Marley has always been and probably always will be a fixture on radio stations around the world. However, the irony of an artist whose career was about artistic freedom appearing on stations that are rapidly taking that freedom away is a stain on commercial radio everywhere.

Fortunately, artistic freedom has found a new home: the Internet. Thanks to a handful of progressive reggae DJs who recognize that Marley's music is all the greater in its proper context, reggae fans can now hear the depth of this music, around the clock and around the world. No longer beholden to the corporate interests that control their commercial counterparts, these Internet DJs are able to stream all the reggae artists and tracks they love, 24 hours a day, commercial-free.

Bob Marley, Free and Clear

That means that wherever you are, you can now hear Bob Marley under the same roof as Nitty Gritty, Tenor Saw, Beenie Man, Frankie Paul, and all of the other greats of every generation. The good vibes literally never stop. The future of reggae radio is here, and more expansive than anyone could have imagined possible.

Take the time to find online stations that truly understand the music and the culture, and you will never regret having done so. Don't wait in vain for the love of commercial stations that are more interested in your money than your opinion. The time to embrace truly free reggae radio is today.

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