Buju Banton

Written by Josh Dodes
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While Buju Banton has enjoyed enormous mainstream success in recent years, the one certainty of commercial radio is that today's stars will end up tomorrow's scrap heap. It's not just reggae, of course; virtually every major musical style has succumbed to the narrow formatting of corporate-controlled radio. But for music that is so much about freedom and good vibes, the insult to reggae artists seems somehow greater.

Happily, however, there is a better way. While commercial radio narrows its formats at an astonishing pace, Internet radio is now expanding its formats at least as rapidly. That means that great reggae music--not just the flavor of the month, but all of it--is now streaming around the clock, around the world.

Buju Banton and Beyond

With artistic freedom exploding online, it is no wonder that so many of reggae's best DJs are flocking to the Internet. Commercial-free and literally continuous, the best stations are playing the music true reggae lovers want to hear, from Buju Banton to a wide range of artists who have received less commercial acclaim. With options this broad, there is no longer any need to suffer commercial radio again.

Take the time to find an online station or stations that play everything you love, and nothing that you don't, and you will be amazed how easy it can be. A vote for online radio is a vote for artistic freedom, a freedom that has all but vanished from the airwaves.

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