Written by Josh Dodes
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Unless you live in Jamaica, the chances of hearing dancehall greats such as Capleton on the radio are slim and none. As most music fans are aware, corporate consolidation has over-formatted commercial radio at a dizzying pace. It is no wonder so many reggae greats have been left behind by the ruthless executives at the top of the food chain.

As it happens, however, brilliant reggae artists--like brilliant artists in so many other genres--have a new home on the radio. No, not the commercial radio you're used to. The future of reggae radio is, appropriately a far freer dial: the Internet.

Finding Capleton on the Web

Finding radio stations that play greats such as Capleton is as easy online as it is difficult offline. Thanks to some of the top reggae DJs in the industry, you can now choose between a huge number of continuous streams that play the music that you really want to hear, commercial-free. Why waste time scanning the dial for less, when you can now have it all at the click of a mouse?

That question is one that is driving millions of savvy reggae fans away from commercial radio and onto the Internet. We encourage you to join the ever-growing mass of fans more interested in big music than big money.

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