Written by Josh Dodes
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While a select number of dancehall stars have broken through into the commercial mainstream in a big way, serious fans know that the majority of the greats have not. For every great artist like Sean Paul who hits commercial radio, a hundred great artists labor in relative obscurity, stars at home and impossible to find elsewhere. Short of moving to Jamaica, what is a serious reggae fan to do?

A new and exciting answer to that question has recently emerged. While commercial radio bows ever more deeply to narrow corporate ideas about music demographics, internet radio has taken the exact opposite tack. Expansive, commercial-free, and diverse beyond belief, the top Internet radio stations have rapidly become everything commercial radio has ceased to be, and more.

Dancehall in Cyberspace

That means that artists like Sean Paul are only the beginning. Free of the demographic constraints of their commercial counterparts, online DJs are free to play what they want, when they want, regardless of what the flavor of the month on traditional radio. Even thousands of miles from Kingston, you can now hear the best and most diverse dancehall in the world.

With stations so exceptional now so close at hand, it is no wonder that millions of fans are leaving their radios behind. The scope of internet radio is limitless, and if you know where to look, you can find the music you love in no time at all. Brilliant reggae lives online; take the time to find it, and you will never regret having done so.

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