Dancehall Music

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you're on the hunt for great dancehall music you can listen to all day along, you are not alone. Unfortunately, unless you live in Jamaica--or a handful of major metropolitan areas--you are also out of luck. In an on-air environment which has become ever more homogeneous, finding slamming dancehall has become harder than ever.

Fortunately, an innovative new solution has recently emerged. By using the Internet, rather than the airwaves, to spread the good vibes and big beat of dancehall, a handful of top radio programmers have made it possible to hear dancehall anywhere. Best of all, if you know where to find it, you can enjoy the best dancehall music day or night, absolutely free--with no commercials whatsoever!

The Future of Dancehall Music

What a difference a few years makes! Now that internet radio technology has reached a new pinnacle of both quality and diversity, there's something for everyone online. That's good news, in an era when terrestrial radio is offering slimmer and slimmer pickings.

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