Dancehall Queen

Written by Josh Dodes
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Outside of Jamaica itself, where are you going to find Shabba Ranks, Nitty Gritty, Courtney Melody and classic videos like Dancehall Queen, all in one place? Until recently, the question itself might well have seemed silly. After all, for years, the closest most non-Jamaicans have been able to get to a truly comprehensive picture of reggae culture has been their own record collection.

Fortunately, however, that is no longer the case. All of the best reggae music and videos--even the most old-school favorites--are now easily found in a distinctly new-school environment: the Internet. Thanks to remarkable advances in both streaming technology and e-commerce, a handful of the premier reggae DJs have lunched Internet stations that do what no terrestrial station or store ever could: bring the best of Jamaican culture under one non-Jamaican roof.

Dancehall Queen Is Only the Beginning

The only limits on these new Internet outlets are the limits of your memory and imagination. That means that whether you're looking for Dancehall Queen, Chaka Demus, Lone Ranger, or even successful mainstream crossover artists such as Sean Paul, you're always only a moment away from finding what you need. Why put in enormous efforts to find the obscure material you want in stores, when you can put in almost no energy and find that material at your fingertips?

With decisions that easy, it is no wonder that so many true reggae fans have left their radios behind and turned their computers on. The future of reggae culture is here, and it is closer than you might think. Take the time to open your home or world to the sounds and sights of Jamaica, and you may never want to experience reggae any other way.

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