Dennis Brown

Written by Josh Dodes
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Looking for Dennis Brown cuts on your radio dial? Unless you live in Jamaica or one of a few major American cities, the odds are slim indeed. As music fans everywhere understand, commercial radio is becoming more narrowly formatted every year, to the benefit of advertisers and the detriment of fans.

What's a reggae lover to do now that his options are more limited than ever? A new answer has emerged, just in the nick of time: internet radio. Using the Net to stream continuous reggae music around the clock, with no commercials at all, a handful of top stations have shown that they are the future of reggae broadcasting. That means that whether you're at home or at work, you can now find slamming reggae tracks at the click of a mouse.

Dennis Brown and More

Unlike the limited playlists of those few terrestrial reggae stations that do exist, the best stations online play a much wider variety of artists. So if you're looking for Dennis Brown or any number of other dancehall and roots reggae performers, the Net is assuredly the future. If you can access the Web, you can access the good vibes of reggae music from wherever you happen to me.

With solutions so close at hand, why wait to hear tracks that may never come on-air? Take the time to find the best reggae on the Internet, and you will never want to go back. After all, what could be better than deeper playlists, more variety, and no commercials?

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